The Day After Tomorrow – Election Edition

What kind of person will you be on November 9?

I already know some of you will be happy and others will be sad, angry, or very  upset. Some will simply be relieved the whole ornery process is over.

But that is not what I mean.

Will you be a sore loser or a gloating winner? Or, will you be a gracious loser or a victor that extends the healing salve of an olive branch?

Truth is we don’t really need winners and losers, particularly in this election process. Partisan politics is a horrid, divisive force. What we need most are Americans who will roll up their sleeves and work together¬†to make our country work as it should, regardless of their personal feelings over the outcome.

More than ever, we need healers and peacemakers and tacticians who embrace the art of compromise so we can move forward as a whole, undivided people.

So, what kind of person will you be on November 9?




“I am not a Pest!” Cover Reveal

I am pleased to reveal the cover for the third installment of The Stinkbug Chronicles. “I am not a Pest!” is a story about Asperger’s Syndrome that is written to help early readers understand what Asperger’s is all about. The release date is exactly one month, Dec 1st. Pre-orders availability will be announced soon.

Please let your friends who are interested in advancing the understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome know about this upcoming book. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children who experience this condition on a daily basis.

Thank you very much.