Just Published!

My latest book, I am not a Pest! A Story about Asperger’s Syndrome, has been released for publication today. While it is a book for elementary school students, my wife, Sherri, and I wrote an afterword for their parents. It is posted below.

For Parents

Children face many challenges growing up in our world today. For the child diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, the difficulties are multiplied.

Children with Asperger’s tend to lack the social skills other kids possess, and so they struggle with making friends. Because they often have additional diagnosis such as ADHD and Anxiety Disorder, they have trouble keeping up in school. Routine and consistency are of paramount importance to these children yet so much of life is beyond their control.

These are just a few of the hurdles children with Asperger’s face. I know we can never really walk in another person’s shoes. All we ask as parents is please take the time to educate yourself and your children. Please teach them to befriend rather than belittle.

No one should be defined or limited by a label. There are more Albert Einsteins and Susan Boyles and Satoshi Tajiris and Vincent van Goghs in this world. When we accept others and support them as they are, we give them the freedom to become their best.

George and Sherri


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